About Us

We first opened for business over 20 years ago, and have been serving Oldham, and the rest of the area, ever since.

We offer a full range of services,  and everything in between. Our staff are always ready to play, cuddle, train or anything else your pet requires. 

All kennels and runs are cleaned daily and we provide fleecy bedding and baskets for your pets comfort. All sleeping areas are centrally heated to ensure comfort. you can be assured that we give all possible attention and commitment to our boarders during their stay with us. Our goal is to make the boarding experience stress free for pets and their parents to ensure that owners can rest assured that their beloved family pet is being cared for whilst they are away. We care for our guests of all shapes and sizes using a routine designed around their needs.

We can cater for every type of canine friend, from young puppies who have never left home before to two or three dogs who need to be kept together in one of our family units.All of our kennels are indoors, and heated when the British weather takes a turn for the worse! 


In our dedicated  enclosed play area we interact with our guests individually on a daily basis. A large range of toys are available to help keep them busy while we play with every guest and work to keep them entertained and stimulated during their stay.



We carry most well-known brands of dog food, both wet and dry, to meet a healthy nutritional feeding regime and are happy to feed fresh chicken/fish etc if supplied by the owner at drop-off.

Health Checks

Working closely with each visitor our staff are trained to observe their wellbeing closely therefore any problems of either a physical issue or stomach concerns are very easily identified and monitored. 

We can offer you a first class service, many of our visitors consider their second home, so contact us for more information.

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