kennels vs home boarding


Which is the best place for your dog?

Over recent years there has been an increase in the amount of adverts that offer 'Home Boarding'

Now as in all walks of life there are good and bad, and the same can be said for people who offer to look after your dog(s) while you take your holiday.

An animal boarding establishment license needs to be renewed every year.

You still need to apply for a license even if you’re only looking after a small number of animals in your own home.

There are important questions you should consider, with either a Boarding kennels or Home Boarding.

1. Are they licenced ? Does anyone, for example the local authority or the BVA actually do a regular inspection of the facilities to make sure that they are in good condition?

2. Security?  Is the property secure from either escape or from dog theft?  It can and does happen!!!

3. Does the fee payable match the charges a good kennel makes? Quite often these unlicensed facilities charge more for inferior care.

4. What emergency facilities are there?  What happens if the person looking after your dog becomes ill; is there anyone with the correct experience available to take over?

5. What about the experience of the person  looking after your dog,- how many years have they looked after many different breeds of dog? Do they understand the different needs of the individual breeds.
Do they understand what to do if your dog becomes ill? Are they able to offer medication regimes or administer insulin or epilepsy drugs?

6. Will your dog receive individual exercise or be exercised with other dogs, remember dogs in a different environment can and often do behave differently!

7. If Home Boarding, what happens if your dog is staying with other dogs and they do not get on? Do they  have facilities to keep 2 dogs separated ?

8. What precautions are taken against the spread of disease? Do they have isolation facilities? Which disinfectants are used? Most good kennels use DEFRA approved antibacterial disinfectants which are quite expensive.

9. Home boarding does not accept “boisterous” dogs, elderly dogs or puppies under 6 months!  Kennels are happy to do so.

10. if you dog exhibits undesirable behaviour while being home boarded they reserve the right to transfer him to a boarding kennel—of course they do-send them to an expert!!!

The Choice is yours.

Most home boarders talk about kennels being prisons showing pictures of dogs in cages, causing stress because they are away from their routine—are they not away from home with home boarding?

Of course a good kennel will keep to your dog’s routine, and provide plenty of attention and cuddles- our staff are chosen with this in mind.

Cages are not used in kennels-regulations do not allow this! Remember these regulations only apply to licensed inspected facilities.